Best Vaping Device For Beginners?

Best Vaping Device For Beginners?

Photo: Lexphumirat, Pixabay.

This is one of the most relevant questions regarding vaping given the fact that new vapers come into the picture every day. Usually ex-smokers make a transition to e-cigarettes since it is said to be more convenient and cost effective. They have full of questions regarding vaping. And we would like to remind them that they will take a while before they find the ideal vaping technique, flavoring and strength for them. Here in this article, we would like to learn more about the ideal device for a beginner. We would like to tell you that answer to this question are not that simple. What works for you might not work for the other person. So there is no one fits all size kind of solution here. One has to go through that journey to find out what works best for you. However, we can still provide some suggestions. It is important to break down the different styles of devices. This will help you to make an informed decision. We only intent to point in the direction you are supposed to go.


  • As far as beginners are concerned, we are referring to someone who has little or no experience.
  • Someone who is totally clueless about concepts like Joules Law or Ohms Law.
  • If you are a total beginner, we recommend low output e-cigarettes which are regulated. Those devices usually come with integrated internal batteries.
  • They are usually paired with clearomizers. They come with replaceable coils. We recommend this because it provides better safety for a beginner.
  • Also, you will find such a device very easy to use as well.
  • You need to have more complex devices if you are concerned about the performance and output. However, as a beginner you should stay away from such devices.
  • Also, in the initial days you are trying to determine if vaping is right for you or not. Therefore it is better not to spend too much money on complex devices. You don’t really want to waste your money for once.
  • You need to go for a starter kit which is perfect for you. There is no need for you to go for devices which are going to help you in the early days of vaping.


Intermediate vaper is someone who is familiar with vaping. He or she has been using e-cigarettes for a while and has some basic idea about vaping. They are eager to devices which are complex. They know how to do maintenance of the device. We are referring to someone who is looking for greater flavor production. We recommend mild powered regulated devices. We are talking about devices which are 80w or less. Here you can go for devices that come with replaceable coils. We are looking for 0.5 ohms or more resistance. You will enjoy better flavor when it comes to such devices. You will also be satisfied with the vapor production. At the same time, such a device will continue to provide better safety. You will find them easy to use as well.